Law of Attraction

Quantum Reality and the Law of Attraction

In quantum physics, the act of observing brings the observed into existence. If we apply this science to practical human-mind functioning, the imagined is manifested in a similar way.

Truth lies in old adages such as “be careful what you wish for”. Thoughts become things. Whatever you believe or envision gives power to thought, and ultimately enables it to appear, presto, before you. This is also called the Law of Attraction. Wherever you put your attention, there it is empowered and becomes ‘real’.

Is Anything ‘Real’?

Which then begs the question, “is anything real?” or “what is real?”. Does it matter? If ‘now’ is the only time there is, then as long as we are happy in this precise moment and are choosing to be in this moment (which we always are, or we wouldn’t be in it) then there needs to be no discussion or proof of reality. What is, simply Is. Let us be grateful in that.

Creating Something New

First of all, is anything ‘new’? If, at the energetic level, we are all a magnificent, all-encompassing One in this timeless existence that is all happening now, what new thing is there possible to create?

Yet, create we do, in the sense of birthing and re-birthing aspects of the universe, our Selves, in a re-packaging kind of way. Let’s see what happens if we do this, or go that way. We experiment continuously to see ourselves in new ways.

Law of Attraction

If we are all ‘It’ already, then what are we trying to attract? The Law of Attraction is less about attracting something ‘from there’ to ‘come here’, because it is all here already. It is more about Focus. Focussing on what is desired to be manifested more concretely so it can have form, be utilized, and played with, to continue the experiment in a greater way.

Focus is giving power, attention, and positive acknowledgment to something. The law of attraction is that simple.

Bullet Cluster

Bullet Cluster

The galaxy cluster 1E 0657-56 (known as the Bullet Cluster) lies 3.8 billion light-years away. It's one of hundreds that appear to be carried along by a mysterious cosmic flow.

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